Freiling IFLASH

kr 1,850.00


Frieling IFLASH is a personal programmer and can be used for one car only. It is just a tool for flashing a car and with it You also need to purchase a tuning file (1 file equal 100 purchased Credit)

All You need to do is install the IFLASH software, connect to Your car with the OBD cable You receive and that’s it! Now You are ready to read out the car’s ECU. After that, just purchase 100 credits for the tuning file, upload the original file to our Upload page and wait a bit. When You receive our tuning file, flash it back to the car’s ECU and You are ready to enjoy Your «new» car!

The IFLASH makes all the checks for You. It will check the system for You and warn You if something is not right!

When You read out the car, IFLASH will read out all the necessary informations needed by Your tuner, and also display all the manufacturers identification details.

Bosch DDE 3
Bosch DDE 4

Bosch DDE 5.0.2
Bosch DDE 5.0.3
Bosch DDE 5.0.4
Bosch DDE 5.0.6
Bosch DDE 5.0.7
Bosch DDE 5.0.8
Bosch DDE 5.0.9
Bosch DDE 5.1
Bosch DDE 6.0.3
Bosch DDE 6.0.4
Bosch DDE 6.0.6
Bosch DDE 6.0.8
Bosch DDE 6.0.9
Bosch DDE 6.2.6
Bosch DDE 6.3

Bosch DDE 7.0
Bosch DDE 7.1
Bosch DDE 7.3
Bosch DME ME7.2

Siemens DME MS43
Siemens DME MS42
Siemens DME MS41
Siemens DME MSS50
Siemens DME MSS52/54
Siemens DME MSS54HP

Bosch DME M5.2
Bosch DME M5.2.1

Siemens DME MS45.0
Siemens DME MS45.1

Siemens DME MSS60
Siemens DME MSS65

Siemens DME MSS70
Siemens DME MSV70

Siemens DME MSD80
Siemens DME MSD81
Siemens DME MSD80.2
Siemens DME MSD81.2
Siemens DME MSV80
Siemens DME MSV80.1
Siemens DME MSD85.1
Siemens DME MSD85.2
Siemens DME MSD87.2

Siemens DME EMS2000

Bosch DME MED17.2 Internal
Bosch DME MEV17.2 Internal
Bosch DME ME17.4.5 Internal
Bosch DME MV17.4.6 Internal
Bosch DME MED17.2 External
Bosch DME MEV17.2 External
Bosch DME ME17.4.5 External
Bosch DME MV17.4.6 External

Bosch DME MEV17.2.2
Bosch DME MEVD17
Bosch DME MEVD17.2.2
Bosch DME MEVD17.2.4
Bosch DME MEVD17.2.6
Bosch DME MEVD17.2.7
Bosch DME MEVD17.2.9

Bosch DME EK9.2.4
Bosch DME EK9.2.7
Bosch DME EK9.2.8
Bosch DME EK9.2.8.2
Bosch DME EK9.2.8.5
Bosch DME EK9.2.8.7
Bosch DME EKB9.2.4
Bosch DME EKB9.4.5


Bosch ME9 ST
Bosch ME9 S-MAX
Bosch ME9 RS
MED17 1.0 Ecoboost
MED17 1.6 Ecoboost COMING SOON!
MED17 2.0 Ecoboost COMING SOON!


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